Dylan-Zero back sav

Happy thanksgiving

Got the fam over,gonna have a feast.


I woke up this morning and saw this

2 pics

Dylan, soul
AP, top acid (click for full size)

quality isn't that good cuz it was kinda dark, but the tricks were sick either way.

My Chicago Buds Shreddin!

Topsoul picture

Went screwing around at the skatepark, javin snapped a picture with my new D70. Freezing outside,sucks so bad!

My Birthday!

Got a lava lamp and a hat?

Didn't ask for either, ahah.

Edit of some madison friends


takes a long time to download, i dont believe i have ever met the guy who made this.

A few pictures from the cold Mount Horeb session.

Rooooooof Edit

First Nice Day In Awhile



AP going big again.


One of the first montages I ever made

Javin had this on his computer and sent it to me,i uploaded it.It's funny to look back at it.

Absolutely rediculous

Watch them bomb crazy hills on a longboard,with an hvx extreme fisheye in hand.So crazy.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.


Im pretty sure im going to buy a D70, im pretty stoked to get into photography also. It will be a change from just filming all the time. Im definitely still going to be filming though.

Well,thats all.

New Pics

Dylan- disaster fish the light to fakie (click for full size pic)

Mike- roll to cab-driver up 270 out

Fall edit

Some pictures from this weekend

Dylan - Allyoop soul to topsoul

Dylan - Full Allyoop Unity

This weekend was pretty gnarly.

Halloween edit

Screwed around all night,not serious.

fall edit coming soon
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