Gotta Dolla?! Teaser

My boys are killin' it.

New Ditch Spot

My friend Brandon never realized he had this in his backyard until a few weeks ago. We decided it would be perfect to make into a spot. The spot needed a little work, so we went to Menards and bought the proper shit to fix it. After about an hour or so it was ready to be bladed. Today we bladed it for the actual first time other than breaking it in. Got a few photos and some clips. Peep the photo I took of Ben. The one of me I set up and just handed the camera to Elliott.

Ben- AO topacid

Me- Misfit

Sun Prairie's spots....

The sick shit sun prairie has to offer....sike! Thanks Elliott for filming and putting this together real quick.

Cody Laplant: 1 Minute 1 Spot from Elliott on Vimeo.

Honey baked homies in AZ

Mike Dritlein moved out to Arizona for college, pretty bummed he's gone. Anyways, the whole crew of dudes took a roadtrip out there a week ago and revolution filmed them shredding TNS one night.

Honey Baked Quick Hits from Revolution Skateshop on Vimeo.

Buddy Sean Darst from chicago put out an ill section.

Sean Darst Valo Profile from Vince Zywczak on Vimeo.

4 Seasons Madison is closed for business

4 Seasons skatepark of Madison shut down today. It's a real bummer to see this happen because I spent my winters pretty much living there. I dont know what im going to do now this coming winter. Anyways, Elliott attempted to make an edit. It's Mitch and I goofing off on our last session ever there...So dont take the edit serious.

Wiggy Wiggy from Elliott on Vimeo.

A Couple Of Pictures From The Riot

Here's a couple of pictures I got from the last "spot" of the riot. The first two spots were pretty sick, a lot of crazy stuff was done on them, but the third and fourth spots ended up being a bust. What ended up happening was everyone going to a little skatepark just down the road from the fourth spot and after a little MacGyver'ing, a kicker ended up getting set up to a soccer goal. Shit got crazy after that.

Setting it up.

Kruise- True Topsoul.

Jeph- Front Torque.

Click for full size.

Abstract Art II Trailer

A film featuring Midwest Bladers. I've heard very little about this video, bits and pieces from Brandon Sanwick. By the looks of it, it looks to be a high quality film showcasing midwest talent and spots. Film by Andrew Kaz.

Abstract Art II - Trailer from Andrew Kazlauskas on Vimeo.

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