One Radical Don

AP destroying the new pipe box

Here's an edit of Ashley peterson skating the new pipe box. I skated it on sunday and I cant say I like the pipe, haha.

New Pipe Box from ian on Vimeo.

Road To Nowhere

Road to nowhere from Paweu on Vimeo.


Its About Time - Teaser from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Park edit of me


Little Logo Thingy I Drew For Class


I'm Back

And bummed.

Well watch this it's pretty cool.

I'm off to California

Leaving to San Diego in 10 minutes, i is gonna blade lots. Cya later Wisconsin.

And watch the new Skateperception montage!

Cold day

Today we had a "cold day" and schools were closed. It's soooo cold out.With the wind chill its reaching about -20 to -40. We might even have school off tomorrow because the wind chill advisory doesn't expire till noon on friday.

Two Tricks With Mike+Joseph


Funny Bunnys


Holy Cow

Click Here!

Elliot Joseph Mitch, Oh My!

Good Quality.

Lately, for Bony Boy Button

One of Chris Farmers Sections in Through The Looking Glass

Little picture of Javin

Javin got new nimh soul plates and needed to break them in. So I thought,why not come along and take some pictures. We got kicked out in 5 minutes but it was 5 degrees so we didnt really care. Oh yeah this was the first picture with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8 too! Time to save up for a light setup. Best viewed large
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