Dylan reppin' & yah dood info

Dylan showin' some hometown love

The duplicator company has taken a little longer than expected to duplicate copies. Dylan said he should have all the copies back by sometime next week and then he'll start selling. Make sure to buy a copy!

Dylan killin' it in Cali

We miss you man!

Dylan Davis- Zero makio

Blade Game edit 3 from Adam Brierley on Vimeo.


Do it.

Mt. horeb

Mitch Bender- Kindgrind

Ben Kress- Switch soul hop switch sweaty

Found a new spot

In Mt. Horeb. Its a steep bank to rail. photo by Javin

Ben Kress- AO topsoul

Clever Online Video Pt 3

Clever Online Video Name Pt.3 from Adam Johnson on Vimeo.

Pictures from javin

Javin used his camera, I think he was just pointing and shooting not really caring. I missed these sessions due to work, bummer.

Ben Kress- Roll to topacid

Ben Kress- Top mistrial

Javin Ladish- True savanna

Mitch Bender- Roll to sweaty

Mitch Bender- Roll to soul

Too much love east coast tour!

"After getting iced by the RV last tour, we hit the road on tour once again to film for WAY TOO MUCH LOVE. This time we are going to be cruisin’ around the East Coast. We will embark on this adventure following the marriage of John Haynes and his fiancĂ©." Check out the live updates at www.be-mag.com . Make sure you check back everyday and purchase the video!

My jaw dropped.

Wilson is the man!

Failed online video part 2

Ashley Peterson

Ashley Peterson - Gorilla Zoe Edit from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

By Greg Schlosser


Adam Morris photo journal #8


"Brandon Sanwick is Mr. Fishbrain, although gnarly ledges and rails are more his style than makeshift banks to walls.

I recently drove an hour southwest of Milwaukee to a town called Janesville, to shoot some banger photos on Wisconsin ripper Ashley Peterson’s home turf. We didn’t get to shoot the two craziest spots (a wood drop kink and a drop rail on a lonesome staircase in a field), but blame unforeseeable difficulties.

As we wrapped up our abbreviated session, Brandon nailed this trick behind a supposedly haunted manor house. One strobe lit Brandon, the wall and the bank from just outside the left of the frame. A second strobe kicked in a little light from atop the wall outside the right edge of the photo. My Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens provided the proper perspective. Nice way to end the day. — Adam Morris"

Greg Schlosser Spring/Summer profile

Unfortunatel, he hurt his knee two months ago so he hasn't been able to film. So, he put out all of the footage he has. When he wasnt hurt he was pullin' through with ridiculous style and tricks! Failed online video part one!

Greg Schlosser - Biggie Edit from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

Nothing really new.

School started today, so that isn't very exciting. Not as much blading going on lately, had to get ready for school and work a lot. In good news, Dylan just received his computer today, so Yah Dood will be done in like a week...if that! Here are two picture's of Milwaukee's Greg Schlosser. Taken by Adam Morris. CLICK FOR LARGE

Greg- Launch to 180

Greg- Topsoul to street

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