Dylan moved :[

Dylan left for California today. His mom has had a job out there for awhile and he's been living with me the whole summer. He flew out this morning. It sucks but hopefully he is back next year. He will visit all the time, so thats good. I miss the mayne already. Yah Dood Coming SO soon.

Way too much love tour

The Way too much love crew came through Madison today. Check out their live updates on be-mag! Anyways, they got in last night and spent the night at my house. We woke up around 11 and were out by 12 to blade. It rained which was a bummer but still managed to get some shit done. I had a blast chilling with all the guys and watching some great skating. I took a few pictures throughout the day, nothing major though. Click for bigger!

Jon Jon Bolino- Bank to true soul full cab to flat

Chris Farmer- bank to switch TTA to bank

Brett Dasovic- 360 topsoul

Aaron Peterson- True makio

Brett Dasovic- Switch AO topsoul full cab in

Aaron Peterson- AO fish

Michael Garlinghouse- Stale 180

Michael Garlinghouse- 540


We went to Rockford today. It rained really hard for a while. We managed to get about 7 clips all together, a pretty successful trip. On saturday we leave for Minnesota till the 27th. That will conclude the filming of Yah Dood! Dylan leaves on the 29th for Cali, Super bummed he has to move. Here is one picture I took before the rain moved in.

Mitch Bender- Mute over rail into bank

Way too much love midwest tour!

"We will be doing daily updates on be-mag.com as well as a day with brett and jeph tour edition and a confrence left overs edit of all the footage from tour that wont be making it in WAY TOO MUCH LOVE. The video will feature profiles on Brett Dasovic, Jeph Howard, Michael Garlinghouse, Chris Farmer, Jon Jon Bolino and Jeff Dalnas. It will be out by Hanukkah and I guess Christmas too. A big thanks to our sponsors for the tour Aggressivemall.com, Be-mag, Everyone at the Conference and Razor skates" - Blake Cohen

Yah Dood throwaway #5

This is the last Yahdood Throwaway edit!
The video will drop at the end of this month/early next month.
The video will be sold for 10 dollars for a month or so, than it will be put online!
This video will feature:
Cody LaPlant
Dylan Davis
Ben Kress
Elliott Gilbertson-Brown
Mitch Bender
Javin Ladish
Mike Dritlien
Tony Choy-Sutton
Taylor Plante
Michael Garlinghouse
Wilson Robinson
Josh Urlichsen!


Michael Garlinghouse SHOCK interview! YAH DOOD shout out!

Untitled from SHOCK on Vimeo.

Brass Knuckle Beatdown!

With special guest MC, Daniel Kinney!

Buy my video camera setup! $425

Pansonic GS320 with 37mm century optics fisheye. Comes with battery, all the cords, charger, homemade handle and a camera bag if i can find it!

Here are edits i have made with this camera:



If your interested call 608-235-9014 or e-mail me at irollerbladetoo@aim.com. Thanks!

Windy City Riot Coverage

The Windy City Riot 2009 by Vince Zywczak from Vince Zywczak on Vimeo.

By Vince Zywczak

By Brazil

Picture coverage by Adam Morris. http://www.believeinone.com/?p=401

Slaying dragons

Michael stayed at my house for 2 days so he could go to the Bearings and Bruises competition in Rockford. The 2nd day he filmed for "Too Much Love 2" in madison before heading home. The whole TML2 crew will be on tour next week and will be making a stop in madison for 2 days to film. So, be on the look out for more pictures! CLICK FOR LARGE

Michael Garlinghouse- Front torque slide


We skated in the hickest town today, Beaver Dam. Took pictures, got clips and had fun! Yah Dood. Click for large!

Mitch Bender- Mute grab to bank

Dylan Davis- Bank to Topsoul stall 270 in

Windy City Riot results



01. Steve Lerner (Palos Hills, IL) 102 points
02. Keegan Coussee (Grayslake, IL) 93 points
03. Blake O’Brien (Minneapolis, MN) 34 points
04. Travis Rhodes (Chicago, IL) 22 points
05. Logan Clark (Des Moines, IA) 18 points
06. Mark Wojda (Louisville, KY) 15 points
07. Brian Bruno (Chicago, IL) 7 points
08. Sean Darst (Chicago, IL) 5 points
10. Marc Clune (Minneapolis, MN) 2 points
10. Jon Snyder (Elgin, IL) 2 points
11. Dan Barnes (Rochester, NY) 1 point

17 & UNDER

01. Nick Labarre
02. Malcolm Heard
03. Thinh Le


Best Trick : Blake O’Brien
Best Style: Travis Rhodes
Worst Fall: Keegan Smith
Way Cool: Phil Leroux
Biggest Chest: Paul John
Most Flamboyant: Brian Bruno
Should Have Skated: Rory Melehan
Old Man: Blake O’Brien
Biggest Baby: bran^don

Im sure edits will start to come out soon!

Milwaukee Brew City Bangoff!

More details to come!

My parents are being lame!

While everyone is in chicago for Windy City Riot and filming for Yah Dood, i am chilling at home unable to go! Hopefully there are edits that get pumped out pretty quick. Good luck to all my boys competing!

Here's an edit of wilson in his new cool snakes,Josh has clips too!

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