New montage of Chicago bladers

"This is a montage edit of clips from the end of 08′ and the start of 09′ made by myself, Matt Strobot. The edit includes footage of Andrew Kazlauskas, Brian Bruno, Derrick Ross, Eddie Dombrowski, Gerry Conner, Matt Strob, Nolan and Matt Strobot.

“The Zoo crew from Cary, IL is a crazy bunch of kids that pull stunts while drunk and/or high that you can’t do sober.” -Collin Martin"

Victors Blades!

Connected Sesh:02 from Connected Skating on Vimeo.

A bunch of the Cali guys shredding up a sweet concete park, also peep Victor's blades!

Gabe Got Real Skates

4/28 With Gabe Talamantes from Vince Zywczak on Vimeo.

It looks like Gabe is trying some razors, he finally decided to get some real skates, haha. Remz are for cheaters! Really though, gabe kills a little park and prail. Peep it.

Kewl brothers

Introduction & Trevor Tylosky - In Motion Video Series-Vol. 1 - part 1 of 5 from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

Sean Keane - In Motion Video Series-Vol. 1 - part 2 of 5 from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

Casey Bagozzi - In Motion Video Series-Vol. 1 - part 3 of 5 from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

Sapata Dura - In Motion Video Series-Vol. 1 - part 4 of 5 from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

Credits - In Motion Video Series-Vol. 1 Part 5 of 5 from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

Barn Burner roadtrip article from In Motion Vol.2 [Bonus FREEBIE] from casey bagozzi on Vimeo.

He's Moving Back September

Joe killing it.

joe tallman valo from ian on Vimeo. support!

Day in the hood Episode 4

2 pictures from today

We skated a very sketchy rail to bank today. We as in Dylan,mike and I. We all did some sweet tricks. Here is one from me and one from mike. Click for large

Mike- AO porn into bank spinning over left shoulder

Cody- AO soul revert into bank

Gonna miss his swagar in Valo's

Sean Keane No More Valos from sean keane on Vimeo.

Heeeeeeeeeeeel Yah

A Day W/ Brett & Jeph ep.4 "KIZER FRAME EDITION" from Brett on Vimeo.

My boys

Greg Schlosser makes a park edit

WI 2008-2009 Park Edit from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

Summer 2008 to Spring 2009

in order of appearance:
Mike Froemling
Greg Schlosser
Cole McMullen
Dallas Kilpatrick
Ashley Peterson
Tom Sawyer
Mike Tiegs
Joseph Bien

Skated horrible spots today

Here's a picture of a Zero Top Porn. I landed a shitty one and ate a bunch of shit the last time I tried. The run up and landing is soo rough and bad. Click for larger

Easter Sux, So Watch This.

People need to stop doing ridiculous drop kink rails


When did he get swagggars?

Erik Bailey Park Section; by Erik Bill from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Day in the hood Part 3


Wilson and Josh Edit

A Day in the hood with Ben and I Part 2
For that extremely great life-like quality.

A day W/ Brett & Jeph in Wisconsin!

"So we put in a full day of work in madison wisconsin, and one of the most fun days I have had in a very long time! local appearances by Dylan Davis aka Himslimes on this glorious messageboard! Also Featuring Josh Ulrichsen, Michael Garlinghouse, Taylor Plante and the one and only Rory Melehan. These are our tricks from the competiton as well as a full day of street skating prior to the contest. I was beyond suprised when I actually placed in a park comp and beyond pumped that jeph won it. You do not see the tricks from the other finalists but everyone skated amazing. We have some themes lined up for the next episodes of the show so be on the look out for those but as for this ep, There is some funny commentary and fun skating from everyone involved in this episode so take a minute or 15 out of your day and watch the newest installement of season 2 of "A Day W/ Brett & Jeph" "

A Day W/ Brett & Jeph S2 E3 "Mad City EPICsode" from Brett on Vimeo.


I gawt first

I got first in Intermediate at my local parks comp, and got a free week at lake owen dooooooooooood.

1. Jeph Howard - $500.00
2. Brett Urbas - $100.00
3. Michael Froemling - $50.00
4. Brett Dasovic
5. Logan Clark

1. Dylan Davis - Week at Lake Owen
2. Vince Zywczak
3. Taylor Plante
4. Justin Whatley
5. Nick Koshallek
6. Peter Curi
7. Anthony Dominski
8. Brandon Hunter

1. Steve Matiasek
2. Karl Krumholz
3. Nathan Spickler
4. Michael McNulty
5. Devin Burchfield

Go DK!
Meh winnar face


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