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The whole video http://www.megavideo.com/?d=FB4Q2Y9T

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Yah Dood will be posted online in a day or two. So for everyone who didnt get a copy, can check it out!

Bright Ideas trailer!

Our Chicago buds along with some Madison skating.

Filmed and Edited by: Malcolm Heard
Bright Ideas is an independent rollerblading video
from Chicago, IL. Showcasing the talents of Nick LaBarre,
Thinh Le, Koko, Malcolm Heard, Peter Curi, Ben Kress, Mitch Bender,
Mike Dritlien, Max Orant, Egon Naab, and Many More!!!!


TML2 trailer!

TML2- The Breakdown official trailer from Brett on Vimeo.

"The video features a full seasons worth of blading on some of the coolest terrain you have seen in a blading video!

John Bolino
Brett Dasovic
Jeph Howard
Michael Garlinghouse
Chris Farmer

full intro, outro, 2 montages and 5 full length profiles will assure that you will be left far from bored when you watch this dvd.

Song: Joy Division: New Dawn Fades

Available: Christmas 2009" - Brett Dasovic

Definitely buy this video, these guys bladed and worked real hard. They took tours through the Midwest and East Coast to film... they even stopped in Madison to blade. Filmed by Blake Cohen and edited by Brett Dasovic.

Ashley Peterson- True sav

A different way of taking a picture i guess... by Adam Morris.

Yah Dood came!

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Dallas Kilpatrick throwaway

Dallas Kilpatrick - Abstract Art II Throwaways from Andrew Kazlauskas on Vimeo.

Failed online video 3/3

Montage WI/CO/STL from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

By Greg Schlosser

Wisconsin/Colorado/St Louis

In order of appearance:
Josh Cardenas
Jeremy Spira
Greg Freeman
Eric Torres
Brandon Sanwick
Dan Coleman
Dylan Davis
James Purviance
Chris Burlingame
Zac Burlingame
Cole McMullen
Doug Kutz
Shawn Moore
Andrew Kazlauskas
Jake Voss

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Buds from Chicago

Bright ideas throwaway #4

Film by Malcolm Heard.



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