Weekend in Chicago

Skated a little bit in Chicago before the Bright Ideas Party/Premiere. Thinh brought his camera
along to capture two little tricks. He let me snap elliotts photo, it's been awhile since ive taken a skating picture.

Elliott- Roll to 360 to street

Mitch- Liu Kang to roll

Nick LaBarre Valo Minute

Good buddy from Chicago.
Buy Bright Ideas when it comes out, he has a full section in that video.

Valo Minutes #3 with Nick Labarre from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Joe tallman '09 clips

Joe is a friend from rockford, he kills it on the blades!

joe tallman-09 clips from joe tallman on Vimeo.


Everyone support this! Organized by Daniel Kinney

Two edits featuring Wisconsin Blading

By Zach Hamel

By Tony Choy


Valo is taking over, haha.

Greg Schlosser

Greg Schlosser - Bakerized Flow from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

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