Wilson Robinson Gotta Dolla?! throwaway edit #1

I have seen the majority of the clips he's saving for the real section and holy shit...peep this throwaway to get you stoked for the real thing.

Wilson Robinson GOTTA DOLLA?! Throwaway #1 from Wilson Robinson on Vimeo.

Picture of the week on Revival

It looks as Rolling Revival has started there shows again. To start it off I got POTW. The AO fish Derek Brabender took. Check out the episode!


Theres always a productive sesh at Lake Delton Park

Derek Brabender came along and started snapping photos of the shit me and nick were skating. The shots came out really good! I did an AO fish for him and nick did a Full Cab AO topacid

Windy City Riot!

JULY 31, 2010


* $15 to preregister
* $20 to register on the day of the contest
* $5 encouraged spectator donation

Anyone who preregisters as a competitor or spectator will be put on the guest list for the after party on Friday, July 30th and will be given a free raffle ticket at the contest on July 31st.

There is a guaranteed purse of at least $1,000. The purse will likely be distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and minimally at the pre-contest to the flatland, high-jump and long-jump winners.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Exact times and locations are TBD)

July 30, 2010

* 6:00pm – 9:00pm | Presession in Chicago, IL
* 10:00pm – 2:00am | Preparty

July 31, 2010

* 12:00pm | Registration and Precontest
* 2:00pm | Street Spots 1 – 3 to 5
* 8:00pm | Award Ceremony at either Michigan City Skatepark or at a Camp site at the Indiana Dunes
* 9:00pm | Camp at the Indiana Dunes
* 9:00pm | After session at Michigan City Skatepark


* 17 and Under Special Recognition
* Old Man (26+) Special Recognition
* Flatland
* Long Jump
* High Jump
* Dunk
* Best Trick
* Best Style
* Worst Fall
* Way Cool
* Biggest Chest
* Most Flamboyant
* Should Have Skated
* Biggest Baby

Judging will be done just as we’ve done in the past: Spectators and competitors vote using a ballot system.

Honey Baked Extras #1

These are kind of just like Yah Dood throwaways. Same vibe to the whole thing. Vid is lookin' real tight so far.

Extras #1 from Honey Baked on Vimeo.

Isiah and Wilson hit the park

Wilson ran out of money and had to move back home until school comes back around. I'll be visiting him soon...

Nick Kosholek: Top acid

Nick getting down on a C-rail in stoughton. He decided to skate street for once in his life.

Photo by Derek Brabender

2 edits from Greg Schlosser

Zach blading in the spring

Zach Cramer Spring 2010 from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

Ashley Peterson fresh out of the doghouse!

Ashley Peterson Fresh Out the Joint from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

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