Upcoming Competitions

Windy city riot- Chicago, IL

$10 Registration fee if you prepay online
$20 Registration fee if you pay on the day of
$5 Highly "encouraged" spectator fee
The purse in the past three years has ranged from $800 - $1,500

17 and under bracket
Pro/Am bracket
Old Man bracket (24+)

Friday, July 31st
7:00pm ish | Precontest (flatland, high jump, long jump, etc...) in the city
9:00pm ish | Two spots in the city
12:00pm ish | Afterparty at a bar or someone's house in the city and/or post session at a skatepark in the city

Saturday, August 1st
3:00pm ish | Three spots in the suburbs
9:00pm ish | Post Session/Award Ceremony at a suburban skatepark near the spots.
11:00pm ish | Afterparty in the city

Judging will be done just as we've done in the past: Spectators and competitors vote.

Bearings and Bruises- August 9th- Rockford, Illinois skatepark http://www.bearingsandbruises.com/

Brew city bangoff- August 15th- Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Madison comp hopefully?

When I get more info, I will post it!


Brett and Jeph do a throwback edit for their latest "A day with Brett & Jeph" episode, featuring Chris Farmer. PANTZZZ

ADW/Brett&Jeph..&Chris "sweatpantz edition" from Brett on Vimeo.

And the 3rd edit for Xsjado flow of Michael

Michael Garlinghouse- Prior Skatepark Edit. from Brett on Vimeo.

We are still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We are just filming for Yah dood and skating a lot. Next week I leave for lake owen! Im going with Mike, Dylan, Elliot and Ben. It should be tight. Dylan is making an edit and I will be taking a ton of pictures. So, be on the watch out for that! Mike got new rollerblades 3 times this week, he has a hard time picking what he wants.Cool snakes, nimh LE, and Dylans Black broski's. He is going to stick with black AB.1's and put all new skins, souls,wheels, frames etc. Dylan ordered new blades too, Blue AB.1's. That's about it for now. Expect a lot of pictures and stuff soon

Bank to back royale

Greg Schlosser -Bank to back royale. Photo: Adam Morris. Click for large!

Nothing new

No new pictures or anything like that. It rained pretty much all week so that really sucked.Mitch, Joseph, Elliot and I went to Milw for a day and bladed cream city. I had a lot of fun there.Dylan and Mike were in Minnesota for awhile blading. Mike came back on friday and hurt his tailbone while he was there. He isn't going to skate until Lake Owen which is in about 2 weeks. Dylan comes home tommorow. So hopefully in a few days we will have some new pictures and stuff! It's supposed to hit high 80's, low 90's all week,Super humid and hott.



It is officially summer! Minnesota and Green Bay dudes are down here for a weekend of blading and filming for Yah dood. Dylan's account isn't working right now, so ill post a recent picture of him. This was taken by Elliott G-B

Dylan- Bump to makio

3 AO topsouls

We were at Lake Delton Skatepark all day, it was real fun. Big bowls, cool transitions and vert walls! Took a few pictures, here are 3 of them. The only picture I set up for was Ben's, otherwise Dylan's picture was a quick snapshot and he snapped mine real quick as well. Click for large

Ben- AO topsoul

Cody and Dylan doing AO topsouls on a vert wall.

Summer is here.

This week is our last week of school, finally. We are just finishing finals up and everything. This summer is going to be pretty rad, filled with lots of skating. We plan to take as many little trips as possible.

Trips we are positive on:
Green Bay, Wi (2-3 days)
Minnesota ( 3-4 days)
Chicago (2-3 days)
Lake Owen Camp ( 1 week)

We haven't planned where else we wanna go but wherever it is, it will be tight. We'll go to Milwaukee numerous times for day trips and other surrounding cities as well. Yah Dood!

Thinh Le from Chitown

Before he died.

My account didn't work for awhile

Hardspin Sweaty at the end of a line. Click for large

My account didn't work for awhile,but it just got fixed.
But on the plus side, i got a Super 8 camera.

Ashley Peterson New edit.

AP Extra Clips Edit from Ashley Peterson on Vimeo.

"all the stuff i've filmed from around here, some older shit...sorry i used your clip dyl guy, greg wouldnt send me the clip i wanted to use at the end.

anyways be looking for atleast a couple more of these before you see gregs video!!" -AP

On another note, no new pictures or anything. Street skating as been pretty shitty lately.

He skates "El Toro"

At 0:23

It's a lil inside joke we have. Javin and i saw this rail against the ground so we decided to pound this baby rail into the ground for kicks and giggles, and it looks like a lil thrasher skated it.
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