I dig his blading

ENANOH THE CRAZY HOUSE EDIT from abec roll fanzine on Vimeo.

Todays crappy. Blading tomorrow though.

Late night session Pictures

Yesterday we skated in the shittiest town. We skated their skate park which was fun. We were all just bladin' around, doing fun tricks. I hurt my hand doing inverts haha. We searched the town for street spots but found none. We did find a C-rail but we got kicked out right away. We also went and saw one of our old friends who used to skate. He let us chill and eat at his house for a bit.After that we went back to Sun Prairie and bladed there. I took pictures and chilled for the rest of the day.Here are two from Mitch and Dylan. CLICK FOR LARGE

Mitch Bender- Back torque

Dylan Davis- Top porn

Thinh Leeeeeeeee!

Old Clips of Me! from Thinh Le on Vimeo.

Old clips of thinh Le from chicago. He is out of the game right now due to injury. We love you Thinh! No homo

Anyways, today was a pretty fun blade sesh. Thought it was going to rain but ended up passing us. So we skated the top of this roof that was pretty cool, i got a quick clip on them. Finally made my pbox really pro so we skated that till dark. Than went to get this clip for Mike, got my lens hit incredibly hard it made my camera blury for awhile untill it finally started to focus. Than Mike got really worked and now his right ankle got messed up. OKAY DAI.

It's supposed to rain today

Im leaving to the cabin for a night. Here are some pictures from last night. Ben took every skate picture but the one I took of javin. Thanks brotheren Click for large!

Mitch Bender- Bank to negative acid

Javin Ladish-Bank to True makio

Hanglooooose Brohan

Cody LaPlant(me)-bank to AO top porn


"I got a tan"

Wilson Beggining of summer profile!

Wilson Robinson of green bay wisconsin shredding the GNARRRRRRR

He's crazi

Cody Porche Profile from David Sizemore on Vimeo.

Free Denial Online Video By Alf

Two Weeks, Too Late by Denial Clothing from DenialTv on Vimeo.


Yahdood Throwaway Edit #3


Just a bit of what us kids have been up to. Some falls, some funnies, and a lil bit of throw away clips. If you want to see what really happened stay tuned for Yahdood that will be out after Summer!

Weekly picture updates

Everyone continues to throw down hard for YAH DOOD! Mitch is home from Minnesota, he's going to school in madison this year. Today was very windy but we had fun. Dylan was hurt and couldn't blade, so he filmed a lot. Every picture was taken by me except for the one of me which was taken by ben Click for large

Mitch Bender- 360 into Bank

Mike Dritein- Acid 360 out

Cody LaPlant(Me)- AO makio to switch soul 360 out

Adam morris pictures!

In my opinion Adam is easily the best Rollerblade photographer in Wisconsin, so enjoy some recent pictures from him. Click for larger

Dallas Kilpatrick- Front royale

Michael Froemling- Launch to backside backslide

Michael Froemling- Jump over rail to top acid

Dallas Kilpatrick- Fish wall ride

Dallas Kilpatrick- Roll 3 benches to back unity

Dallas Kilpatrick- Roll 3 benches to back royale mute grab out

Dallas Kilpatrick- Roll 3 benches to top acid

Dallas Kilpatrick- Roll three benches to AO soul

Greg Schlosser- Back royale

Greg Schlosser- AO makio

Greg Schlosser- Backside to true sav

Greg Schlosser- Launch to true sav

Elliot is the laziest person in the world.

No new pictures or clips from this weekend, on friday we drove around aimlessly for hours not finding one street spot to skate, we ended the session at Middleton skatepark. On Saturday it was cloudy, gloomy and rainy. Today was mother's day so no blading. Oh yeah and dylan went to Santa Monica for a weekend. He will have to tell us how it was.

Here are some pictures taken by Elliot between 1 week to a month ago, and since he never wants to contribute to the blog, i will put them up. Click for large

Ashley Peterson- Top Negative Mistrial

Ashley Peterson- Front royale attempt

Mike- Wallride to fakie

Daniel Kinney- Zero Top soul

Daniel Kinney- Zero Top Porn

Illusion Top Porn Say Wuttttttt!

Cosimo Tassone & Friends Skatepark Frauenfeld from VersusPictures on Vimeo.

Went skating today, it was fuuuuun.
We found a lil skateboard foundation, i really wanna add some rad stuff to it.

He got cooler

NILS JANSONS - hedonskate pro team from martins jansons on Vimeo.

Joey Chase is Awesome

SPSP barrier

We skated Sun Prairie today to just relax and skate a bit. We were all pretty tired from yesterday so we took it easy...except for dylan. He fell pretty hard opening back up all the cuts on his shoulder. After 10 mins of cleaning his cut up,he went back at his trick. I took the picture just as he was spinning off into fakie,he locked it perfect though. CLICK FOR LARGE

Dylan- 270 Back unity

Another one with lurkers and no flash.

Pictures from my camera this weekend

Javin- jump into bank to start off a line.

Dylan- 180 on to illusion outspin topsoul 360 back into bank

Mike- switch AO top acid

Cody- 180 on to illusion switch zero fish

Ben- bank to pornstar down revert out

Taken by everybody!
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