I'm So Proud of Thinh Leeeeeeee

Thinh Le Gets His Feet Wet | Video Blog #4 | Fruitboot.com from Fruitboot.com on Vimeo.

For more info's, fruitboot.com

Pictures by Adam morris

Click photos for bigger picture
AP got a photo journal on the ONE website check out the full article here: http://www.believeinone.com/?p=312
Ashley peterson- Half cab top acid

Ashley Peterson- Fish on a drop rail. Rocking his new skates. nimh v2

Michael Froemling- Back Backslide on the same rail

Michael Froemling- True spin top soul in april 2009 issue of Be-Mag

Before the snow came.

Lately 2009 #2!! from Tony Choy on Vimeo.



As to be seen in Yah Dood...

Yahdood Throwaway#2

Downtown at the union

We skated downtown all day saturday, it was real nice out. We filmed and took pictures. Here is one of javin at the first spot. I had a lot more but my memory card went crazy and just deleted shit.

Back royale

Just a lil weekday session with Benjamin.

New picture from Saturday also

360 Miszou

Clip from Saturday

Pictures from this weekend,

Yesterday we had a really fun skate session. We got clips and took a few pictures. I'll just post the ones I took.

Ben- Zero porn

Javin- True sav

Mike- AO topsoul (taken a little early)

Oh yeah, park ledges are now a bust due to parents complaining about us being there. The last 2 times we have been there the cops kicked us out. Bummer, its my favorite ledge spot.

Elliotts Lazy.

Some pikes from today, edit on Thursday?
Ao Top Porn
Neg Acid
270 Back Farf to Soul
Ao Fish

We got a bad kid

Oli Short Remix from oliver short on Vimeo.

Picture From Yesterday


Local duder

Winter Park Edit from Ashley Peterson on Vimeo.

GTFO ------------->

To the Fucking Flaming Faggot that is posting skateboard montages. This is WISCONSIN BLADING. Not WISCONSISN BOARDING. Thank you, have a nice day.

Yours truly, Tony Hawk

ps. its 55 out, going BLADING not BOARDING.

Insane Montage


Thought it was pretty cool though.

Some Kido's

2 more good BCSD edits!

Bitter Cold Showdown 2009 from Anthony Gardner on Vimeo.

BCSD 2009 HD edit from AGGRESSIVEMALL on Vimeo.

On a side note it's supposed to get around 45 degrees this weekend. So, hopefully we can street skate and stuff. I also finally got slaves so I can do off camera lighthing with my pictures now!

Bittercold edits

As I unfortunately was unable to attend BCSD, I am anxiously waiting for edits to drop. Here are the first two that have been put out.

More to Come!

Oh yeah, I was in michigan snowboarding during BCSD. I had no choice to go but it was still a lot of fun.

Just got back from Bittercold

Best times of my life.
One video is incredible.

Montre wons
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