Where brooklyn at?

Chicago friends are here filming for Bright Ideas and Yah dood.

Nick Labarre- Fakie 360

Looks like I got a Photo Journal as well! Take a look. http://www.believeinone.com/?p=389

Green Bay Trip

The Green Bay Trip was very Successful, we skated hard and got a lot of clips for the video. A thanks to Josh and Wilson for showing us around and being awesome. I also took a few pictures until my battery died. I like some of them and hope you do too! Click for large.

Josh Ulrichsen- Fastplant to top acid

Josh Ulrichsen- Bump from curb to soul to fakie into blacktop

Wilson Robinson- 540

Dylan Davis- Inspin Sweaty

Ben Kress- Back unity up and flat

Eliott- Switch negative acid

This picture is pretty terrible but i'll post it anyways. It was hard to shoot this with a huge fence and three yellow poles in the way. Click for large

Eliott- Sweaty

Taken by me. Click for large.


Valo4life.com will feature video updates and tours for the pre-production of the 4th VALO TEAM VIDEO.
Entitled: 4LIFE

4LIFE; Alex Broskow Promo Edit from Themgoods on Vimeo.

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It's all hood throwaway #1

An online video coming out of Milwaukee by Greg Schlosser

Its All Hood Throwaway #1 from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

Back from lake owen!

It was really tight. Many of us skated hard and got clips for the Lake Owen Video. Unfortunately, Mike and Ben were kind of hurt, so that really limited them. It was nice chilling with the Vibralux team,Rob G, Minnesota friends and Illinois friends as well. I really thought I was going to take pictures but I was having too much fun to do so, sorry! While I was gone I somehow managed to have my pictures put on the front page of rollernews http://www.rollernews.com/photo-set-by-cody-laplant_9792.html! We are all going to Green Bay next week to film for Yahdood and blade. I'll leave you with a recent picture taken by Adam Morris.

Greg Schlosser- Wallstall 270 out

Rad tricks, Rad pics.

Finally starting to snap pictures again. Mike, Dylan, Elliott, Ben and I leave for lake owen tommorow! Click for large!

Mitch Bender- Liu Kang

Tony Choy- Negative Mistrial

Yah Dood

Ben- Makio

Click for large

Yah dood throwaway #4

Stay tuned! Filming all the time, having fun and lake owen in like 3 days!
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