Spring Break post #2

Wilson came and bladed with us all day. We skated downtown, I took really bad pictures and had a good time.

Wilson- Back Torque

Wilson- Fakie 3

Dylan attempted this fakie 180 the first set then 180 the last set several times but couldnt land it. He ruined his jeans and got super bloody, lame. Might as well throw up the picture...

Elliott took this photo of mike:

Mute Disaster Soul

3 Ashley Peterson pictures

By Adam Morris.

Launch to Bank

Top Acid

Switch Negative Acid

Heads up night session

Mitch hurt his ankle tonight doing a trick, some roll to gap thing. I was at home and didnt see it happen but he's out for two weeks and can't blade for spring break. While he was at the hospital Ben, Elliott and I had a photo session at Heads Up ledges. Elliott took two cool pictures.

Me- AO Top Porn

Ben- Zero Switch Back Royale

Spring Break post #1

We are on spring break till April 5th. Dylan flies in tommorow for a week, he hasn't returned to Wisconsin since he moved. The weathers gonna hit high 70's so lots of blading will happen. Elliott and I will make sure to take lots of photos. I have 2 rolls of film to develop and just bought new batts for all my flashes and slaves.

All of these photos were taken by Elliott.

Me- Disaster Front Backslide

Ben- Roll to Stale into bank

Mitch- Bank to Soul to Bank

In rec skates, haha! Ben- Bank to Wallride to Bank

I snapped this one real quick when mike was bombing a hill.

Brazil's Badger Bladeoff Edit

Direct Link

Badger Bladeoff Results

1st. Travis Rhodes
2nd. Brian Bina
3rd. Sean Darst

Brazil filmed and will be making an edit soon.
Thanks to Honni and Nick Kosholek for puttin on the comp.

Street skating is in session

First picture of the year, a little rusty. CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGE

Ben Kress- Top Porn

This Saturday, come out to madison!

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