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Honey baked came to madison

And i snapped a photo of Dylan. CLICK FOR LARGE
Dylan- Sweaty

Mike shredding in AZ

5 parks with mike from Devan Stewart on Vimeo.

Michael Froemling Throwaway

Some really cool clips in this throwaway, Abstract Art II looks to be good.

Michael Froemling - Abstract Art II Throwaways from Andrew Kazlauskas on Vimeo.

Been busy

Ben, Elliott and I have been busy filming for little online profiles. It's been really fun and we'll stop filming once it starts snowing. We're all getting some cool little clips and skating sweet spots. Ill try to take some photos because I've been lacking in that department lately and I definitely miss it.

Gotta Dolla and Honey Baked throwaway's.

Extras #2 from Honey Baked on Vimeo.

Matt Luda Summer Profile from Vince Zywczak on Vimeo.

Ben Kress- 180

By Elliott

Froemling's moving to madison

Here are some picture's of Michael that Adam Morris took. He also said he is moving to madison this winter for whatever reason that may be.

Front Royale

Bonk to Fish

Mute Air

Elliott- AO porn

Elliott showing the inner black in him with this tall AO Porn full cab out. The shadow really killed this photo... CLICK FOR LARGE

Josh Ulrichsen Scribe edit.

Josh Ulrichsen-Scribe Urethane Summer 2010 from Brett Dasovic on Vimeo.

lets forget it says scribe....

Gotta Dolla?! Teaser

My boys are killin' it.

New Ditch Spot

My friend Brandon never realized he had this in his backyard until a few weeks ago. We decided it would be perfect to make into a spot. The spot needed a little work, so we went to Menards and bought the proper shit to fix it. After about an hour or so it was ready to be bladed. Today we bladed it for the actual first time other than breaking it in. Got a few photos and some clips. Peep the photo I took of Ben. The one of me I set up and just handed the camera to Elliott.

Ben- AO topacid

Me- Misfit

Sun Prairie's spots....

The sick shit sun prairie has to offer....sike! Thanks Elliott for filming and putting this together real quick.

Cody Laplant: 1 Minute 1 Spot from Elliott on Vimeo.

Honey baked homies in AZ

Mike Dritlein moved out to Arizona for college, pretty bummed he's gone. Anyways, the whole crew of dudes took a roadtrip out there a week ago and revolution filmed them shredding TNS one night.

Honey Baked Quick Hits from Revolution Skateshop on Vimeo.

Buddy Sean Darst from chicago put out an ill section.

Sean Darst Valo Profile from Vince Zywczak on Vimeo.

4 Seasons Madison is closed for business

4 Seasons skatepark of Madison shut down today. It's a real bummer to see this happen because I spent my winters pretty much living there. I dont know what im going to do now this coming winter. Anyways, Elliott attempted to make an edit. It's Mitch and I goofing off on our last session ever there...So dont take the edit serious.

Wiggy Wiggy from Elliott on Vimeo.

A Couple Of Pictures From The Riot

Here's a couple of pictures I got from the last "spot" of the riot. The first two spots were pretty sick, a lot of crazy stuff was done on them, but the third and fourth spots ended up being a bust. What ended up happening was everyone going to a little skatepark just down the road from the fourth spot and after a little MacGyver'ing, a kicker ended up getting set up to a soccer goal. Shit got crazy after that.

Setting it up.

Kruise- True Topsoul.

Jeph- Front Torque.

Click for full size.

Abstract Art II Trailer

A film featuring Midwest Bladers. I've heard very little about this video, bits and pieces from Brandon Sanwick. By the looks of it, it looks to be a high quality film showcasing midwest talent and spots. Film by Andrew Kaz.

Abstract Art II - Trailer from Andrew Kazlauskas on Vimeo.

Wilson Robinson Gotta Dolla?! throwaway edit #1

I have seen the majority of the clips he's saving for the real section and holy shit...peep this throwaway to get you stoked for the real thing.

Wilson Robinson GOTTA DOLLA?! Throwaway #1 from Wilson Robinson on Vimeo.

Picture of the week on Revival

It looks as Rolling Revival has started there shows again. To start it off I got POTW. The AO fish Derek Brabender took. Check out the episode!

Theres always a productive sesh at Lake Delton Park

Derek Brabender came along and started snapping photos of the shit me and nick were skating. The shots came out really good! I did an AO fish for him and nick did a Full Cab AO topacid

Windy City Riot!

JULY 31, 2010


* $15 to preregister
* $20 to register on the day of the contest
* $5 encouraged spectator donation

Anyone who preregisters as a competitor or spectator will be put on the guest list for the after party on Friday, July 30th and will be given a free raffle ticket at the contest on July 31st.

There is a guaranteed purse of at least $1,000. The purse will likely be distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and minimally at the pre-contest to the flatland, high-jump and long-jump winners.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Exact times and locations are TBD)

July 30, 2010

* 6:00pm – 9:00pm | Presession in Chicago, IL
* 10:00pm – 2:00am | Preparty

July 31, 2010

* 12:00pm | Registration and Precontest
* 2:00pm | Street Spots 1 – 3 to 5
* 8:00pm | Award Ceremony at either Michigan City Skatepark or at a Camp site at the Indiana Dunes
* 9:00pm | Camp at the Indiana Dunes
* 9:00pm | After session at Michigan City Skatepark


* 17 and Under Special Recognition
* Old Man (26+) Special Recognition
* Flatland
* Long Jump
* High Jump
* Dunk
* Best Trick
* Best Style
* Worst Fall
* Way Cool
* Biggest Chest
* Most Flamboyant
* Should Have Skated
* Biggest Baby

Judging will be done just as we’ve done in the past: Spectators and competitors vote using a ballot system.

Honey Baked Extras #1

These are kind of just like Yah Dood throwaways. Same vibe to the whole thing. Vid is lookin' real tight so far.

Extras #1 from Honey Baked on Vimeo.

Isiah and Wilson hit the park

Wilson ran out of money and had to move back home until school comes back around. I'll be visiting him soon...

Nick Kosholek: Top acid

Nick getting down on a C-rail in stoughton. He decided to skate street for once in his life.

Photo by Derek Brabender

2 edits from Greg Schlosser

Zach blading in the spring

Zach Cramer Spring 2010 from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

Ashley Peterson fresh out of the doghouse!

Ashley Peterson Fresh Out the Joint from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

More lake delton photos

We've been going to this park alot, it seems to be more fun than street at the moment. Mike is off to chicago for a month and he gave elliott his camera to borrow. So expect some edits from us soon! The photos of me are taken by elliott. CLICK FOR LARGE

Cody- Fishbrain

Cody- Mute Air

Elliott GB- Mute to topsoul

Lake Delton Park

This didnt really come out how i wanted to because the angle I wanted was crowded with people and would also put lurkers in the shot. Some dude was being an asshole and the whole session was a buzzkill after that. Click photo for large.

Ben Kress- Mute

Two new photos from Derek Brabender

Mitch- his 1st mute air photo

Mitch- Party pic sweaty

Roll of film

Walgreens fucked most of my roll up processing the film, not trusting them anymore.

Adam Exline- 180 into bank from ledge

Mr. iceman giving us the boot, met him at like 4 different times at a different spot every time.

At the ditch spot in milwaukee

Adam Exline- Makio into bank. Fucking tree and my timing skills ruined the photo, i should of noticed that...

Estabrook BBQ edit

Estabrook BBQ from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

By Greg Schlosser

Thanks to Dallas for organizing the event.

One minute, One spot with Josh Ulrichsen

One Spot, One Minute with Josh Ulrichsen. from Wilson Robinson on Vimeo. Peep the interview and be on the look out for Gotta Dolla?!

First week of summer

So it's the first week of summer and the Chicago dudes came up to film for their latest project. Check their blog out here
Everyone got clips for the video and good times were had. Adam Exline killed madison and did tricks no one ever thought of before. I took a little picture as he was warming up, thats the only digital photo I took all week though. The rest were film which will get developed in a few days.

Adam Exline- Mute off barrier


Mikes first edit ever...

Bladecapades from Mike Dritlein on Vimeo.

Give him a break on the filming, he'll get there. He'll also learn how to put it HD on vimeo as well.

Milwaukee tennis court skatepark

Dallas- Some Fishbrain

Mike Tiegs- Sweaty

Photos by Adam Morris
There will also be a comp/bbq at this park. Check it out!!/event.php?eid=120539517966845

Elliott is back

First picture since his broken ankle. Front torque'n a bank to angle iron ledge.

Milwaukee ditch spot

Greg gave us directions to this ditch spot in wauwatosa. It was pretty cool, some of the transitions could use some work though.

Ben- Fishbrain stall

Mike- Air to fakie

Mitch- Mute from yellow graffiti to purple

Shock Park Edit of Dylan

SHOCK TV: Dylan Davis One Day Park Edit from Himeslimes on Vimeo.

Interview too:

miss ya bud.

Day with Willy and Josh!

sorry for the lack of updates...not much has happened.

Madison Trip from Himeslimes on Vimeo.

"During the whole trip my camera either was broken and couldn't see anything or had no battery. So i captured a couple things while i had my trip to Madison.
Blading in order was done by:
Mike Dritlien
Ben Kress
Dylan Davis
Wilson Robinson" - Dylan

Game Theory clip

From the weekend of the Badger Bladeoff. Brazil was filming in madison for Game Theory. None of my other pictures turned out super grainy like this one. Still learning a lot about shooting with film, its a lot more fun that digital thats for sure.

Jeph Howard- Soul to Liu Kang out

Ps. i had a bunch of new blade pictures in film but walgreens fucked up 3 of my rolls. I need to find a better lab because im never going there again.

Spring Break post #2

Wilson came and bladed with us all day. We skated downtown, I took really bad pictures and had a good time.

Wilson- Back Torque

Wilson- Fakie 3

Dylan attempted this fakie 180 the first set then 180 the last set several times but couldnt land it. He ruined his jeans and got super bloody, lame. Might as well throw up the picture...

Elliott took this photo of mike:

Mute Disaster Soul

3 Ashley Peterson pictures

By Adam Morris.

Launch to Bank

Top Acid

Switch Negative Acid

Heads up night session

Mitch hurt his ankle tonight doing a trick, some roll to gap thing. I was at home and didnt see it happen but he's out for two weeks and can't blade for spring break. While he was at the hospital Ben, Elliott and I had a photo session at Heads Up ledges. Elliott took two cool pictures.

Me- AO Top Porn

Ben- Zero Switch Back Royale

Spring Break post #1

We are on spring break till April 5th. Dylan flies in tommorow for a week, he hasn't returned to Wisconsin since he moved. The weathers gonna hit high 70's so lots of blading will happen. Elliott and I will make sure to take lots of photos. I have 2 rolls of film to develop and just bought new batts for all my flashes and slaves.

All of these photos were taken by Elliott.

Me- Disaster Front Backslide

Ben- Roll to Stale into bank

Mitch- Bank to Soul to Bank

In rec skates, haha! Ben- Bank to Wallride to Bank

I snapped this one real quick when mike was bombing a hill.

Brazil's Badger Bladeoff Edit

Direct Link

Badger Bladeoff Results

1st. Travis Rhodes
2nd. Brian Bina
3rd. Sean Darst

Brazil filmed and will be making an edit soon.
Thanks to Honni and Nick Kosholek for puttin on the comp.
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