4 Seasons Sesh

I couldn't skate my ankle was hurties.
View good qualityzz here!

Merry Christmas!

Another good Christmas for me, I got some new blades, check em' out. AB.1 Black

Can't wait to try them, they are sooo comfy and have way more flex than my EB's

My First Dvx Clip

Yay, got my Dvx100b mk2 today!
I got this camera by selling my old vx2100 and my mk1 lens. I got a really good deal and gained money by buying the dvxmk2!

I got a clip of my buddy Sam today.


4seasons pictures

I hate park pics.

Another Radical Don's

leftover HD from james beary on Vimeo.

Got in a Car Crash On the Way Back Home

We were coming back from 4 seasons skatepark and we got hit by a semi, a radicals.
Cars not that good, everyones fine.

But in good news i got a cool trick today there that you shall see someday.

Ashley puttin' out more mini profiles

Greg Schlosser ONE photo journal

Congrats to Greg for lacing a sick trick and Adam for shooting and ill photo. http://www.believeinone.com/?p=281

My birthday today!

it was awesome,haha. I got a 2006 ford 500 and money from friends and relatives.


Radical Don's

Born Under Punches Promo! from erik bill on Vimeo.

Greg Schlosser and Michael Froemling

Click pictures for full size!

Cream City Edit from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

The Rest of Boy Don't Cry Now

Friends - BDCN from mikelus02 on Vimeo.
Friend Section, i got teh clipzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Nick LaBarre - BDCN from mikelus02 on Vimeo.
Nick LaBarre

Mike Angelastri - BDCN from mikelus02 on Vimeo.
Mike A.

2 Sections From a Chicago Video, More Sections Later.

Thinh Le!

Thinh Lee - BDCN from mikelus02 on Vimeo.
Milan Calabrese!

Milan Calabrese - BDCN from mikelus02 on Vimeo.

Snow Day

Wooot Wooot, gonna go sledding.

Big winter storm coming

Dane county is under a winter storm warning and its already snowing hard. I absolutely can not stand snow but if it snows at least give us enough for a snow day tommorow. The roads were already real icy today after school, so thats another factor to cancel school . Im going to take some pictures tomorrow if we get a snow day and probably snowboard. I HATE SNOW. No rollerblading outside for a good while :[


Too Much Love

Spira Shredding the New Nimhs, 30th post!!!!

Jeremy Spira Nimh Edit from Rat Tail Vimeo Page on Vimeo.

Got my camera today.

Nikon d70 50mm.
Today was fun, but this guy wouldn't let us ride the bikes.

Click picture for better size.

New 4x4 trailer

4x4 Drip Drop Team Video Trailer from Rat Tail Vimeo Page on Vimeo.

4 Seasons Surfboard Edit

4 Seasons getting shredded

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