More lake delton photos

We've been going to this park alot, it seems to be more fun than street at the moment. Mike is off to chicago for a month and he gave elliott his camera to borrow. So expect some edits from us soon! The photos of me are taken by elliott. CLICK FOR LARGE

Cody- Fishbrain

Cody- Mute Air

Elliott GB- Mute to topsoul

Lake Delton Park

This didnt really come out how i wanted to because the angle I wanted was crowded with people and would also put lurkers in the shot. Some dude was being an asshole and the whole session was a buzzkill after that. Click photo for large.

Ben Kress- Mute

Two new photos from Derek Brabender

Mitch- his 1st mute air photo

Mitch- Party pic sweaty

Roll of film

Walgreens fucked most of my roll up processing the film, not trusting them anymore.

Adam Exline- 180 into bank from ledge

Mr. iceman giving us the boot, met him at like 4 different times at a different spot every time.

At the ditch spot in milwaukee

Adam Exline- Makio into bank. Fucking tree and my timing skills ruined the photo, i should of noticed that...

Estabrook BBQ edit

Estabrook BBQ from Greg Schlosser on Vimeo.

By Greg Schlosser

Thanks to Dallas for organizing the event.

One minute, One spot with Josh Ulrichsen

One Spot, One Minute with Josh Ulrichsen. from Wilson Robinson on Vimeo. Peep the interview and be on the look out for Gotta Dolla?!

First week of summer

So it's the first week of summer and the Chicago dudes came up to film for their latest project. Check their blog out here
Everyone got clips for the video and good times were had. Adam Exline killed madison and did tricks no one ever thought of before. I took a little picture as he was warming up, thats the only digital photo I took all week though. The rest were film which will get developed in a few days.

Adam Exline- Mute off barrier


Mikes first edit ever...

Bladecapades from Mike Dritlein on Vimeo.

Give him a break on the filming, he'll get there. He'll also learn how to put it HD on vimeo as well.

Milwaukee tennis court skatepark

Dallas- Some Fishbrain

Mike Tiegs- Sweaty

Photos by Adam Morris
There will also be a comp/bbq at this park. Check it out!!/event.php?eid=120539517966845
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