A day W/ Brett & Jeph in Wisconsin!

"So we put in a full day of work in madison wisconsin, and one of the most fun days I have had in a very long time! local appearances by Dylan Davis aka Himslimes on this glorious messageboard! Also Featuring Josh Ulrichsen, Michael Garlinghouse, Taylor Plante and the one and only Rory Melehan. These are our tricks from the competiton as well as a full day of street skating prior to the contest. I was beyond suprised when I actually placed in a park comp and beyond pumped that jeph won it. You do not see the tricks from the other finalists but everyone skated amazing. We have some themes lined up for the next episodes of the show so be on the look out for those but as for this ep, There is some funny commentary and fun skating from everyone involved in this episode so take a minute or 15 out of your day and watch the newest installement of season 2 of "A Day W/ Brett & Jeph" "

A Day W/ Brett & Jeph S2 E3 "Mad City EPICsode" from Brett on Vimeo.


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