Adam Morris photo journal #8

"Brandon Sanwick is Mr. Fishbrain, although gnarly ledges and rails are more his style than makeshift banks to walls.

I recently drove an hour southwest of Milwaukee to a town called Janesville, to shoot some banger photos on Wisconsin ripper Ashley Peterson’s home turf. We didn’t get to shoot the two craziest spots (a wood drop kink and a drop rail on a lonesome staircase in a field), but blame unforeseeable difficulties.

As we wrapped up our abbreviated session, Brandon nailed this trick behind a supposedly haunted manor house. One strobe lit Brandon, the wall and the bank from just outside the left of the frame. A second strobe kicked in a little light from atop the wall outside the right edge of the photo. My Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens provided the proper perspective. Nice way to end the day. — Adam Morris"


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