Gotta Dolla?

"With spring right around the corner I thought it would be a good time to introduce the online video Josh Ulrishsen, Isiah England, and I are making. The title of the movie is GOTTA DOLLA? If everything goes as planned the movie will feature full profiles on Wilson Robinson, Josh Ulrichsen, Jay Davis, Isiah England, Cody Nehiba, Cody LaPlant, and Brian Bruno. There will also be a full intro, outro, and friends section. We are all super pumped on this project and everyone is going to bust their balls to make this a legit blading video. Here are some previous edits of the people that will have profiles in the video so you know what you have to look forward too!

Wilson Robinson:
Josh Ulrichsen:
Jay Davis:
Isiah England:
Cody Nehiba:
Cody Laplant:
Brian Bruno:

Be on the look out for GOTTA DOLLA? Park edits and throwaway edits through out the spring and summer! Also, I want to get a lot of people in this video, so if you are going to be in the Appleton/Green Bay area make sure you hit me up!" - Wilson Robinson


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